Friday, August 5, 2016

Funny thing happened on the way to Oakland

I know I'm making light of it (and I really shouldn't), but I thought it worthy to chronicle my business trip to Oakland/San Francisco, thus far.

When I arrived to LAX Parking Lot C, there were no instructions anywhere on where the shuttle picks up. I stood at one of the Shuttle Stops for about 20 minutes before I braved myself to ask a guy, in his car who was parking, where to go. Feeling rather silly, he points me in the direction of the "Depot" and I sheepishly make my onward. Thanks for the detailed information Lot C administrators.

I met this really nice couple on the shuttle who were Hawai'i bound (envy overcame me for a brief moment, then I was over it).

The shuttle bus driver nearly missed my stop at Terminal 3 but after I politely yelled out "Spirit please" she came to a screeching halt. Thanks.

When I went through the automatic doors imagine my surprise when I saw many people camped out (I'm talking families, their luggage and their blankets -- Yes! Blankets...that should have been a red flag, right?). My initial thought was, "Dang! Something cool must be happening in Northern Cal for all these folks to be overnighting it!" Hah! 

As if the a la cart prices for just about everything Spirit could offer wasn't enough (from CARRY-ON fees to select-your-STANDARD-seat fees), the horror to learn that many of these exhausted people were stranded by several canceled flights to Puerto Rico.

One guy said they basically just told everyone to "get off the plane" with no explanation, no meal voucher, no hotel accommodations, nothing.

One lady said something about the pilot having flown too many hours and it was against policy to have him fly further. Understandable. Safe, I suppose.

But I guess that was just the tip of the iceberg when I overheard another lady, who also stranded, have a strong and heated conversation with an attendant at the ticket counter who told her, "You can call Customer Service" to which she replied, "Well, what the *ell are you? I'm telling YOU. Aren't YOU Customer Sevice? Why do I have to call someone else when I'm here now talking to you? Let me see your supervisor!" Ouch!

I'm about to go through TSA shortly and all I can say is, "Hope this goes smoothly." 

I feel for the stranded people who missed their flight to PR. 



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