Wednesday, August 10, 2016

America's Best Value Inn & Suites SoMa, San Francisco

I've always wanted a career that would allow me to travel, and now my wish came true. I get to travel a handful of times a year, hopefully more.

I recently took a business trip to San Francisco and stayed at America's Best Value Inn & Suites SoMa and have nothing but good things to say.

Here are my top five favorite features about my stay at this hotel:

1) Dead end street. Well L-shaped street anyway. Nestled off Folsom and Hallam streets in San Francisco, ABVIS SoMa (SoMa = South of Market Street) is located caddy corner from a Cul de Sac adjacent to a few houses or town homes, which means no through traffic! 

Directly across from the hotel are what appears to be a three-story business building next to other apartments (judging by the visible balconies). So not quite the alley-view one would expect.

2) Easy street access. As you exit the hotel and turn left for a short walk, you hit Folsom and the city is at your finger tips.

The only drawback is a small pub at the corner that was thriving with late-nighters who were respectful and non-belligerent (thank goodness). I guess it helps that the city (I suppose, anyway) posted a big huge sign at the street's entrance that read: Please be respectful of our neighbors and keep the noise level down (I might be paraphrasing, but you get the point). 

2a) Here's an added bonus: despite the three-story building across from ABVIS, there was just enough room to see the skyline and skyscrapers (in the distance) above the neighbors' rooftops. It was a beautiful view. 

3) Fit for a King. I'm five-feet tall so any room large enough to fit a full, Queen, double or King-sized bed is perfect! This room was equipped with cable TV, a mirrored-desk (in case you want to look at yourself doing work on a laptop or tablet, I guess...OK, so it's a vanity and mirror -- I get it), a min-fridge, a safe located inside the cabinet (too bad the safe didn't work after numerous attempts in changing the combination as instructed in the directions), an open closet with just enough hangers to hang clothes, lay my luggage on top of the luggage rack, an ironing board and an iron (what I call simple amenities).

The bed was calling my name with more pillows than I have in my own house (no joke). It was incredibly comfortable and cozy! Just my size and perfect firmness! You bet I had a very good night's sleep too!

4) Decent sized bathroom. The bathroom, although a little small, was very clean and I especially loved the clear glass doors (maybe they were super clear plastic, I couldn't tell).

Only two shortcomings: a) the shower head did not adjust well and I ended up showering with the equivalent to a garden hose on turbo jet stream (ouch); and b) the small sink was located right next to the toilet, which means guests would have to wait until you finish your business to wash their hands. Awkward.

5) Semi-continental breakfast (not pictured). Semi because there was only once choice of coffee (caffeinated) and Minute Maid orange juice. There were a variety of pastries and muffins to choose from so if you are gluten free or trying to stay away from carb-overload, you'd have to look elsewhere for your morning pick-me-up. Downfall: no fruit or yogurt alternative.

Overall, I had a satisfactory overnight business stay at ABVIS SoMa. I recommend it.

Cost: $209/night (early August rates)

Rating: A-


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