Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pokemon Go Got Me Like "Wha?"

Pokemon Go

Today I downloaded Pokemon Go. I had to see what all the hype was about. 

I admit, yesterday, my twin son, Aaron, showed me this app on his Android phone. I didn't think much about it. I thought he was just showing me a cool GPS app. I had no idea the popularity of this app until now.

Pokemon Go is already gaining so much buzz! My daughters said there were "so many people in groups catching Pokemon at Disneyland yesterday."

You may have already heard some negative comments and stories about this app like the man who caused an accident on the freeway while catching a Pokemon. I'm not that far into the app to know how this could even be possible (yet).

There's even a new hashtag #dontpokemongoanddrive circulating the Twitterverse and the barrage of comments, both positive and negative, are endless. 

Here are 12 basic things you should know before setting up your Pokemon Go account:

1) The app became available July 7 on iOS and Android and upon creating your account, you become known as a "trainer." That's Pokemon-speak for "first-person player" (I probably sound really silly to my kids right about now). You create your own name (but be forewarned, this could take several attempts before landing on one that is available.

2) Now you choose your starter Pokemon from Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, known as the "classic Gen 1 starters," according to iDigitalTimes (July 7, 2016). 

3) After you catch your first Pokemon, which you can do while sitting and figuring out how the darn thing works. But now the fun begins where you now have to get up off your bum and walk (or drive, you choose) to your next destination. Your smartphone's GPS will reveal to the app your location and out of nowhere Pokemon start popping up. 

4) Look for PokeStops (IGN) or Gyms (CNET), these are known as "landmarks." The closer you get to these landmarks you'll know when you're close to a Pokemon. 

5) Look for rustling grass where Pokemon are lurking about. You'll want to prepare to catch them.  At anytime can you pull up the menu on the bottom right corner of the screen to provide hints on what Pokemon are nearby (iDigitalTimes, July 7, 2016)

6) Pokemon Go uses a numbering system from 0 to 3 footprints, with 0 meaning Pokemon are really really close and 3 meaning they are really really far. You'll want to come closer to 0, of course (duh)!

7) It takes some getting used to knowing what type of Poke Ball to use, how to throw your Poke Ball, and your throwing style -- that will contribute to how successful you are in catching a Pokemon; otherwise they simply run away. So keep at it and be swift in your execution!

You can read this to find tips on mastering throwing styles. 

8) Pay attention to the amount of Command Points (CP) a Pokemon has before capturing them. This determines how well they fight in battle. The higher the CP the better they are.

9) Look for PokeStops that will produce items like Eggs that hatch. In order to make these eggs hatch, you must walk around it up to a certain distance (each Egg is different). You'll be given incubators to help with hatching your Egg, but remember you may only have one incubator at a time.

10) Incense draws Pokemon toward you for a limited time of 30 mins. Use them wisely and only when you cannot find Pokemon.

11) You can purchase Poke Dollars using real money (imagine that concept?) or by Leveling Up (a means to bypass the long process of obtaining items) to get more items. 

Do I sound smart yet?

12) Only after you complete Level 5 can you join a team (Red, Blue or Yellow) and begin battling in the Gym. 


So for now, I'll stop here. I have a feeling it will take a while to get to Level 5 at my rate. 

You can always read what happens next after Level 5 and learn more about what to expect like tackling other teams in their Gym or training your Pokemon in your Gym that you control, or learn about healing/reviving, and Pokemon Centers among other things. 

Check back later for an update (hopefully by then I will be at Level 5 or beyond...that's a tall order that word "HOPEFULLY"). We shall see my progress then.

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