Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review: Tales of the Wovlen - The Dragon's Son by Kathryl Fogleman

Tales of the Wovlen - The Dragon's Son by Kathryn Fogleman

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: B-

Synopsis: A young boy, Keegan, flees to the woods and seeks shelter and refuge with a golden dragon after people from his village were massacred, forcing only a few survivors to escape to the The White Mountains. Thirteen years later, he learns that his younger sister is among the survivors and he sets out a course to reunite with her. Along the way he meets a young princess and a mysterious wise elderly man who holds the secrets to many things. Keegan soon finds himself entangled in a twisted story of good versus evil as he foils a wicked witch's plans to overthrow a princess and her kingdom. Dodging bow and arrows and swash-buckling sword fights, Keegan begins to learn about his own destiny as the Dragon's Son.

Review: The book is a very easy read and captivates right out of the gate. It does a wonderful job laying the foundation of important story elements: character, setting, conflict and plot.

The protagonist (main character) is Keegan, although it does not initially begin this way as different family members are also introduced. Keegan has very strong family ties and with each family member, he shares a very special bond. The author depicts a wonderful relationship between Keegan and a golden dragon and throughout the book you find yourself cheering for the duo in their many different predicaments. The antagonist (obstacle) is left for the reader to choose since there are several.

The setting switches from a village to caves to The White Mountains to a kingdom in Elinralis nestled in the countryside of Anuran to The Dark Forest, etc. The author describes vivid scenery where in your mind's eye, you feel as though you are embedded in the story itself.

There is conflict between man versus nature and supernatural versus natural, and good versus evil -- that is to say without giving the entire story away. Keegan also runs the risk of being ousted by his own people, the Wovlens, for befriending a dragon -- for after all he was known as the Dragon Slayer's Son.

The plot mirrors a Hollywood movie formula of rescuing the damsel in distress; overcoming his personal conflict; and accomplishing a goal.

The good news: Tales of the Wovlen - The Dragon's Son starts off nicely and had me wishing good things for Keegan. The author threw in a wicked witch "jump the shark" cliff hanger and by the looks of it, this is part one of what appears to be a series, so stay tuned for continuation. I am actually looking forward to reading Book 2.

The bad news: Throughout the book, I felt a little disconnected with some of the supporting characters and some things were left unexplained.

Have I piqued your interest? I should hope so. Buy your copy today!

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**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid to give a positive review. The views expressed are my own.**


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