Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith

Stuck in the Middle
Genre: Contemporary / Romance
Rating: B+
Synopsis: Joan Sanderson is stuck. While her sisters are off making lives for themselves, Joan lives at home helping Mom take care of her kooky grandmother. She's been deserted by her father, dumped by her boyfriend, and God seems like a distant observer. Then a Christian guy moves in next door - a doctor, no less! If only her little sister wasn't such a flirt… (Source:
Review: This delightful Christian-based story revolves around a small-town woman, Joan, who struggled with relationships in the past. The middle sister of three, Joan, who has a degree in English, works at a furniture rental store and despite her sisters' urging to get out and enjoy life, finds joy and satisfaction living at home with her mother and caring for her elderly neurotic, compulsive grandmother who loves to organize things in alphabet order.
Ken, a young doctor and his dog, Trigger, move into the house next door and the family follies begin. Joan and younger sis, Tori, compete for Ken’s attention while older sis, Allie, plays matchmaker, hairstylist, fashionista and dating coach to Joan. Gram starts in on the action with a little flirting of her own much to Joan’s dismay!
This reader found Stuck in the Middle to be a very easy ready and a little predictable at times, but nonetheless entertaining. There is a spiritual and profound lesson to be learned for those who believe in small miracles.        

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Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith


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