Friday, February 21, 2014

I [Heart] Amora Coffee!

I consider myself a coffee connoisseur with the need to consume a large cup of java shortly after waking in the morning, and my usual cup of joe is ground flavorful beans.

So, stepping outside of my comfort zone I nixed my reach for the blend I'm most familiar with, instead I brewed the "Elegante Blend" of finely ground, smoothly roasted pack of Amora Coffee. This rich blend of Indonesian and South American beans produces an "excellent sweetness and a syrup body." Yum! This combination yields a delightfully synthesized "chocolate, caramel and spices" experience! I personally enjoyed this blend of Amora Coffee, and that's usually hard for me to admit drinking anything but flavor coffees!

If stronger is your preference, try "Intenso Blend," a union of Central and South American beans, for an intense, dark, fiercely-roasted, "smoky, bittersweet" robust cup of joe. 

Medium boldy-roastful East African and South American beans mix nicely into the "Vigoroso Blend" with a hint of "lemon fruitness, dark chocolate and caramel" fusion. Excited yet?

And for the light coffee pleasurers, try the "Delicata Blend" for a more "fruity, creamy" mix of Central and South American beans with a dash of lemon and "smooth, milk chocolaty" taste.

Amora Coffee invites you to a FREE TRIAL packet offer -- you choose your blend preference and it delivers to your front door within days. They'll even throw in a free coffee scooper too!

*Other free gifts are included with purchase (see website for details).

Simply choose your monthly blends to further your home deliveries or cancel anytime -- with their money back guarantee!

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